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Our neighbor grew peppermint in some pots but the plants are happily growing to everywhere so they grew from his side to our side. Today I brought my scissors and cut off a bunch of them and made peppermint tea marrocean style. So first brew a bit of green tea which we got from some work colleagues of my partner from China. Then throw away the first tea brewed because it has some flavors we don't like. After that put it as much peppermint as fitts in and put a rediciolous amount of sugar on top. Put boiling water on it and brew for some time. Both hot and cold it's like drinking peppermint candy, delicious!


Damn the humidity in Korea is killing me. At least it's not that warm yet so I'm not quite sweating yet. But one more degree and all my clothes will be wett all day long.


Every now and then I see someone on YouTube wonder how it can be that the streets and sidewalks here in Korea are so clean while there are no public trashcans available. The secret is: Old people. Let me explain, every morning when I go to the daycare with my son I see between 5 and 10 elderly people walk along the street with their yellow vests - which say "Pangyo Senior Welfare Center" on their back - and pick up all the trash. I guess this is some kind of a thing they do to keep them engaged and moving.


Today is the 3rd day at the daycare and they have a special event day, a pony will come to visit the children. And I got those tattoos and the bracelet as a present for the parents, amazing, isn't it?


Yesterday evening at 11:35 PM our phones got this message pushed by the South Korean Government. I'm not gonna lie, when I read "Wartime alert" my heart rate went up a lot. Apparently North Korea sent propaganda materials through the air throughout parts of Gyeonggi-do where we live. The message says: > Identification of unknown objects presumed to be North Korean flyers against South Korea, refraining from outdoor activities, and reporting military units when identifying them. Air raid preliminary warning [Gyeonggi-do]


I totally missed the Espresso Tonic and Coldbrew Tonic craze which was appearently happening in Europe. A friend posted his tries to make one last week. Sadly my espresso machine is still in Sweden, so I got some coldbrew instead. For summer it's a great drink, I didn't think it would fit together but it's kind of an amazing combination!


Driving in Japan with the wheel on the right side. The first time I did that last year I drove on the wrong side of the road about 5 times and got a shock every time when I saw all the ghost drivers just to quickly realize that it's me who is driving the wrong way. This year it only happened one time, so my brain seems to adapt to that better and better.


We are one family with two parents and two children. When we travel, we have to use passports from four different countries. Sometimes we get funny looks but otherwise it works OK.


I bought a Weinstephan Lucky Box! But instead of a PS5 I got a original wheat beer glass, which I was already looking for here in Korea but couldn't buy. now I'm tempted to buy another one to have two. But if I'm unlucky I'll get a PS5 and will have to buy another one and another one until I get the second wheat beer glass. But it's quite expensive because the beer is imported from Germany, about 16 €, and you only get 4 beers. In Germany you can get 24 beers for the same price.


When we need vegetables we go to a small shop where they sell only a small set of vegetables and fruits and I guess something shady is going on there because they only take cash where everyone else takes cards. But the food is always very fresh and they sell a lot of it and in the afternoon things sometimes are already sold out. And it's super cheap.


I'm just looking at Koreans eating donkatsu (Schnitzel) and it is eaten here with fork and knife. 90% of them hold the fork in their right hand, which is interesting and the opposite from what I've been tought as a child.


Here in Korea I see a lot of fortune tellers and they even have quite many customers for some reason. It's obviously a scam, but you see especially coupples sitting there and the boys pretending to be interested 😅 The picture I just took in Jeonju Hanok Village.


I was walking around close to the mall around here and there are many park attendants who tell you how to park. They all sit in those little containers and watch TVs which seem to be from the 90ies.


I ate #tuna #sashimi when I was in #Otaru #Hokaido #Japan. And I have to be frank, the taste of tuna is what brings me back to Japan over and over again. I just really really like it and can't find this same quality tuna anywhere else I tried it.


My dads "Queen of the Night" is blooming only once a year during the night. Somehow he can make it bloom every year, sometimes even the local newspaper sends a photographer. Other times he can make it bloom still in the morning on a Sunday when people go to church, their house is in close neighborhood of a church.


It's cherry blossom time here in Korea again, this is the 3rd time I'm experiencing it. Two years ago I recorded a video walking through the Techno Valley https://tube.jeena.net/w/fzG1bSkv4CoSzVX1vnHUz7 This time I went to photograph to the west of it.


About a week ago our little son was born! Both mom and him are healthy and recovering now at a Postpartum Care Center for two weeks. I already was a step dad to some great children, now I also can experience the very early stages of babyhood and it's great; 10 out of 10, would recommend!


Yesterday we went to the Hyundai Department Book Store in Pangyo, it's quite spacious. I uploaded the rest of the pictures in an album on Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAsLuy


The second time in my life I've seen a full moon eclipse where the moon is behind the shaddow of the earth and blood red. First time was just outside of Varberg in Sweden, this time it is in Bundang, just outside of Seoul in South Korea


Two years ago I became a Swedish citizen, so today I finally was allowed to vote for the Riksdag (like parlament in Sweden) for the first time! But life is funny, so in between I moved to Korea and I had to vote at the ambassy in Seoul today.


We went to the Chusa (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gim_Jeong-hui) Museum. Chusa was a famous calligrapher, painter and writer from the late 1700s. In the picture it's me pretending to do awesome calligraphy.


My girlfriend got tools to make dalgona candy so we did, it was very difficult! She got them from Volvo and there was a stamp for a form of a Dalarna horse which I recognized but didn't connect Volvo to Sweden at first and wondered why the Korean candy came with a Swedish shape ^^ Also I played the game like in Squid Game :D


I didn't realize how much more air pollution there is in Korea where I'm now compared to Varberg. They joke around that it is wind which comes from China, not sure how much truth there is in it. And during winter I didn't see it but now I can see that the sun is somewhere behind what I first thought was fog but which I now realize is air pollution.


Today I finally automated my espresso machine. When it's turned on it needs to pre-heat for at least 20 minutes so that the brew head heats up enough, normally I forget about it then but it tells me that the heat is up and I can brew. Then I have ten minutes on me to brew the espresso and it switches the machine off automatically. It also turns the machine on so I can brew an espresso first thing in the morning before the gym. And I can press a button which I have at my desk in the living room to start the process. There are two more ways of doing it which you can't see here. I can do it from any computer or my mobile phone in the Home Assistant UI so it's ready when I arrive at home and I also can just tell google assistant to do it.


I bought cheap espresso beans and 4 liters of milk to train the visual part and somewhere after 3 liters I seem to be getting there. The only problem is consistency, it's only sometimes that get it this beautiful.


I brought my grinder, coffe and my Italian coffe maker with me on vacation. And here I found my granddads gold coffe cups which they only used on sundays and special occasions. I think my vaccation counts as a special occasion.


My dad is really a master when it comes to cultivating plants. Here is a scan from the local newspaper, the photographer visited him last Sunday when he specifically made most of his cactus to bloom for just one night/day so people going to and coming from church on the other side of the street would be able to admire them.


Lunch today. I got some tuna but ist's very lean, I don't think it'll be easy to get some more fatty one here during quarantine in a small town in Sweden. Still super nice and I made a roll of the parts I cut away plus some avocado.


I'm working on becoming better in making nigiri. Slowly I'm getting better when it comes to the looks, they look quite nice in the photo don't they? I still have problems with the rice seasoning, the rice becomes less sticky once I season it with rice vinegar which changes the consistency. Also the fish I use is the cheap frozen salmon which is chewy and kind of tasteless, but that's just for now when I'm training to cut it the right way, I will use fresh one once I know what I'm doing.


I wanted to watch the movie Joker so I decided to rent it on YouTube because they offer 4K and I have 4k monitor and nice sound. But None of my browsers want to show it to me. This means I payed 5 EUR for a movie which I can't watch, bummer. Sadly The Pirate Bay is down now too for some reason, otherwise I'd just download and watch it from there.


Yesterday I was at a 40iest birthday party which was movie themed. I went as a skinhead from the movie "This is England" https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0480025/ which is an excellent movie, watch it if you haven't seen it yet. I have to say their style suits me quite well, it's a pity that it's associated with bad things.


I arrived in Hebron and there were many children here on the roof top and tried to speak English, mostly they knew: "What's your name?". They wanted to test out my camera so I had to play model for them. This one was taken by one of the older girls, I like it.


The Western Wall and the Dome of the Rock located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. This was the must have picture from Jerusalem and I scouted for three days to find the perfect location. And as in my picture of the Colosseum in Rome, there is construction going on in the bottom left ;)


When I visit my parents my dad always wakes up way earlier than anybody else and prepares a beautiful breakfast with all local ingredients and many of them home made like the sausages and own grew tomatoes.


I found a picture of Húsavíkurfjall in Iceland which I took but didn't pay too much attention back then to it because there were so many awesome things in Iceland to post. But I really like the calm feel of the clouds at the top of the mountain. It's a clean graphic picture which I wouldn't mind printing and putting somewhere on the wall.


A month ago I got a saxophone and I'm trying to learn to play it at the same time as I'm learning some music theory, read notes and stuff. Today I finally got those two stands, one for the sax to not need to put it into the bag every time I take a pause and one for the note paper. It's amazing how much easier it is to see everything compared to having it on the table where the sax is always in the way.


10 years of my band Hoggatah http://hoggatah.se which started in 2009 with some people from a different band and me joining. There are not many bands which can look back on such a long history. Today an article in the local newspaper was published where they interview us about the past and the future.


We don't only have the sea in Varberg but also lakes. One such small one is called 'The Black Sea' for some reason and there it is where I'm training ro be able to run longer distances again. I just run around in circles, but because it's such a beautifull place it didn't get boring yet.


When I met her 2002 she looked like on the left, now 2019 she's all grown up on the right and done with gymnasium (senior high school). I feel under the circumstances I've done quite ok as a bonus family member.


I attended a night photography course in Stockholm for fun, I got it as a birthday present. This is one of the photos from that night. It was taken quite early while there was still some light from the sun, to still get the dramatic sky.


I just started playing football in the lowest league there is in Sweden called korpen. We're still waiting for our jersies. Last week we were 18 people but sadly the other team didn't show up, so without playing we won 3-0. Today we were two people short and needed to ask some guys who just played a game to join us and we played what seemed like a team with superior strength, all tall Swedish guys playing nice technical football and having 5 additional people to change during the game (we're playing 7 vs. 7 people). But for some reason, frustrating as it was for them, they weren't able to score any goal, so it was a draw 0-0 which really felt like a victory for us oddballs from all over the world (Finland, Germany, Sweden, Indonesia, Syria, etc.).


I air dried a 800g pork cutlet peace, and this time I tried not to use any spices but sugar and salt in the beginning so it would do the chemical changes in the beginning. After that I just dried it hanging in the air in my kitchen. It's super delicious and I also got the amount of salt in it just right this time!


The World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station in southern Sweden is an early longwave transatlantic wireless telegraphy station built in 1922-1924. https://grimeton.org/?lang=en This time in morning fog.


Here in Sweden people eat some kind of dry bread they call "skorpor", which apparently is something like Swedish biscotti. After so many years I'm still not used to it, and neither to knäckebröd.


After two weeks at my parents in Germany I'm going back to Sweden. And yeah there is snow chaos in Munic, so my flight from Nürnberg got canceled and I'm taking a taxi to Munic. We'll see if we arrive on time and if then if the flight to Gothenburg will take off or not.


Even though I don't really like reading books, I love the concept of public libraries, sometimes I just go there to hang out in the Café to eat cake, drink coffee and enjoy the surroundings. We don't think about that often but public libraries offer a lot more than just books. I also just listened to a episode of the This American Life episode about libraries which they describe like this: "Libraries aren't just for books. They're often spaces that transform into what you need them to be: a classroom, a cyber café, a place to find answers, a quiet spot to be alone. It's actually kind of magical." https://www.thisamericanlife.org/664/the-room-of-requirement


We need the shower to be accessible by wheelchair and for people who have problems with walking. Interesting technical problem to solve. It's difficult but possible. Although the biggest constrain is my time during the holidays here at my parents.


Today I watched a guy fly tying in public, it was quite an impressive skill. It also reminded me of the one This American Life episode called "The Feather Heist" where a young man steals hundreds of exotic birds for their feathers from the British Museum of Natural History. Fascinating story https://www.thisamericanlife.org/654/transcript


I like to test do do new things in photography, so yesterday I had my first Corporate Photography shoot with a couple of friends who needed some profile pictures for their new company website. I got payed in hamburgers which was nice too.


I went out to shoot some pictures during the sunset and found a herd of highland cattle and the bull posed for me and let me come really close with me camera for a long time.


Those are the woods where I spent a significant amount of my childhood in, mostly playing with my sister and cousins, exploring the flora and fauna, got stuck in a mud hole so my cousin got to get my dad, etc.


On my brothers 30th birthday, they still have outdoor techno parties in the end of september here, damn cold even if you dance. Him and his band @pulsarcollective are giving a live concert.


Botnstjörn in Ásbyrgi in Iceland, amazing natural structure. Look at the first pitcure on wikipedia https://is.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%81sbyrgi it's basically a 3,5km x 1km big hole in the ground.


I'm in Iceland with friends visiting their family. It's so beautiful and peaceful here. Today we went to Ásbyrgi (Shelter of the Gods). Nicknamed Sleipnir's footprint, it is said that the canyon was formed when Odin's eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, touched one of its feet to the ground here.


Every second week at the last day of the sprint at work we go out for some luxorious coffe close by. Today we went to http://www.barcentro.se/. They really have a italian hipster flair and the coffe is superb!


For all the time since I moved to varberg in 2005 there was a big wooden roof above the track-side platforms. This roof protected everyone from rain, snow, harsh sun and so on, especially when the train was late and you couldn't count on it that you'd be fast enough to run from the building when you saw the train. But since then the wooden structure got old and dangerous, so they replaced it with those glass walls which do nothing against rain, snow or sun.


I have this t-shirt with Schroedinger's cat on it and yesterday a 3-years old asked me why the cat looks so weird on it, half alive and half dead. I tried to explain the concept that the cat the cat might be both alive and dead at the same time but I failed misserabelly. I just hope she doesn't believe now that zombies exist in reality.


Today me and another photographer friend had a photo shoot with the lovelly and super fit MissCelineM https://www.instagram.com/misscelinem/ (who I've interviewed for a podcast too https://jeena.net/pods/8) at her gym Actic. We had a lot of fun, and this is the first photo, I'll be working on the rest soon.


I photographed my brothers band during a concert in Berlin last week, they play experimental electronic music with accustic instruments. I also recorded video which will be available soon. Untill then check them out on https://soundcloud.com/pulsarcollective and the rest of the pictures at https://flic.kr/s/aHsmiCbgF1


We spent the sunday at Berlin Tempelhof making music and enjoying the sun. As you can see many other people had this idea too. It was a weird and interesting mix. The esoteric hippies made music and acrobatics, the muslim mothers with the scarfs took their kids out in the sun, a mix of races played football, rugby and frisbee on the runway where they tried to not to get into a collision with bicyclists and long boarders.


A friend from work agreed to be my model while I test my new speedlights. We got a coupple or really great shots, I'm super happy with the results. But I also learned not to trust the picture on the back of my camera but instead to use the histogram. Many of those photos were quite underexposed and I had to bring them back in post production. But thanks to the high dynamic range and because I'm shooting RAW this was still possible. I posted the Images as a album on Flickr, check them out: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeena/albums/72157687747804640


Today we went on another Millencolin concert! This time it was super awesome, I spent allmost the whole concert in the mosh pit which was fairly easy because it span half the people who were there. I fell once because someone was lying on the floor behind me when someone else pushed me over them. But otjer people helped me up really quick and it was all in good fun.


My speed lights finally arrived so I was really tempted to test them and what I decided to try is a low key selfie. There is so much new to learn now that I have them, finally I can try to shape the light in a way I want it to be.


Today at FOSDEM I met suprisingly many people who I know from different communities, etc. In the picture for example is Andres Freund whom I've known for many years through the #selfhtml IRC channel. He now lives and works in the US on PostgreSQL, so he gave a talk about just in time compilation in postgres: https://fosdem.org/2018/schedule/event/jiting_postgresql_using_llvm/


Manual lights at the table and then I tried focus stacking. It was more complicated than I imagined, had to restart from scratch a coupple of times untill I got the right order of steps.


First time I'm trying product photography, this is kind of fun, already the first try looks like something nice. Ok I wasn't able to get it back into a cube shape, but look at the pretty picture!


Today me and a friend went for a coupple of drinks, he showed me a bar in Gothenburg where you have to ring a bell on a door without a sign or anything indicating a baar. Then the bartender watches you through a video-intercom and decides if you're worthy I guess, then they let you in (or not). Down stairs it was really beautifull and we stayed and photographed a bit.


Switzerland has some beautifull landscapes. This is the view from the Bachtel at the Hasenstrick. I climbed a steep hill in deep snow just to find out that they had a nice path up there on the other side. Still, the view was outstanding.


Yesterday evening I was wandering around Varberg with my camera and found the banks building lit like Doctor Draculas castle in rainy Transilvania. Would you dare to go in there and ask for a loan?


I was just walking back from the cinema where I watched Blade Runner 2049, which was phenomenal, to the car when I saw the Berliner Fernsehturm in the dark immersed in fog. I got inspired to take a Blade Runner-esk photo of it, what do you think?


I took another picture of Gothenburg like https://jeena.net/photos/369 but from a different angle. This time I got on one of the ferries to Lindholmen and shot a coupple of pictures from the middle of the water. One main difference is that this photo is taken around noon wen we were on our way for lunch. The other one is done during golden hour.


One could say the artist focussed on the wall to visualize the relationship between it and the people infront of it. It is always there at the same place, the people are always in a rush, always in motion, hard to grasp.


This is my photo equipment. All of the lenses are quite sharp prime lenses, and I bought each of them used. Nikon 28mm 1.8, Nikon 50mm 1.8, Tokina 100mm 2.8, Nikon 180mm 2.8 The camera is a full frame Nikon D600. Everything is fairly old, but I feel that I'm still quite far away from the need of getting more expensive or newer gear. I'm still learning to use what I got. Sadly now winter is comming, so that when I arrive at home it's dark already and that makes it difficult to go out and shoot.


This might look like a scene from a Manga or Anime but it indeed a picture I took in Japan when we took the train out of the city and went to a small villiage. The whole villiage was practically without people, it had a ghost town feeling to it. I wonder if this 'Wanted' poster had anything to do with it.


I'm commuting to Gothenburg for ten years now, but I'm never spending my free time there. That is why I have no Idea where the nice places are where you can get awesome pictures. Today a colegue at work showed me a couple of his photos and I liked one of them a lot. Actually that much that I asked him from where he took that photo. He showed me on a map that it was by the Masthugg Church. I decided to go there during the golden hour and this is what I got.


Today I went to the fish market, wandered around there until I found a small alley which I went in to and found a small hidden sushi place to get my freshest sashimi yet. I was finally able to sit at the counter and watch the chef preparing my sashimi. It was fairly expensive, about 20 EUR for 6 slices of thuna plus some hacked tuna. But it was so delicious, I can't even begin to describe it. It's so exciting seing those master chefs swinging their knefes and preparing everything while they chat with their customers. Not with me obvioussly, because I don't speak Japanese, but every one else there did. #foodporn Update: I found a video of the chefs workin at this place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mv6qPD8-FA


If I'm being totally honest, this is why I came back to Japan a second time, fat blue fin tuna sushi. It tastes like heaven in your mouth and I wasn't able to find anything with remotelly this quality in Europe. Last time I couldn't eat any sushi in Sweden for half a year because I was that spoiled. Who knew raw fish meat could taste that delicious.


Now in Tokyo I'm using Airbnb and I'm staying in one room at a japanese couples house which is a bit off of the tourist paths. Today the district and the nearby ones had their own small festivals, They had their own small processions and later during the evening dance, music food and beer on the streets.


In Tokyo in the Akihabara district they have lots of arcade places where you can play huge variaties of games. Like this two player game for example, where you touch the rings on the screen to the rythm of the music.


It's really difficult to take decent pictures of good sushi because it's always so dark in those places where we get expensive sushi. Today we went for it, a really nice set of sashimi, sushi plus desert, etc. for over 100 EUR per person. #YOLO


On my street food adventures I had Takoyaki which is "ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan". It was invented in Osaka so I had it there.


This robot was a bit creepy because it always turned its head in the direction someones face was. It felt much more personal by trying to advertise to you by looking with it's cute big eyes into your from down there.


Me and my sisters family are on holidays in our parents house for two weeks in Poland. We were suprized by our brother who came from Berlin for the weekend and our cousin and her family. So we had a nice grill party yesterday evening.


Another cinema editing style, this one is from the skating session with Bassem in february this year. It would be interesting to hear what stories this picture tells you when you see it as a still frame from a movie. Check out the rest of the pictures not edited in this style here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeena/albums/72157680324940716


Yesterday I was checking out https://www.hallifornia.se/ here in Varberg and it was really awesome! I didn't really have a lot of time taking pictures but we went to the place where they were skimboarding because this looked to me as the place where I could take the most impressive action photos and I wasn't disappointed. The hardest part of taking this picture though was that at the same time I was babysitting 3 children. But they were so captivated by what was happening on the water that they weren't running away. So I had a coupple of seconds to shoot some pictures.


Today I was trying to create a picture which was supposed to look like a scene from a movie. I found those youngsters talking at the train station and I think it already tells a story. Then I color graded it to make it more movie like with orange & teal look.


Today I joined two friends on their small boat for a fishing tour. Sadly as soon as they stopped the motor I imediatelly got sea sick. I tried hard to withstand it because I didn't want to be the killjoy who wants to go home early. But after some time I just vomited into the sea.


Varberg Radio Station at Grimeton, The antenna is a 1.9 km. Until the 1950s, the Grimeton VLF transmitter was used for transatlantic radio telegraphy to Radio Central in Long Island, New York, USA. From the 1960s until 1996 it transmitted orders to submarines in the Swedish Navy.


Today looking through he window at work I saw people playing polo on segways which seemed quite bizarr, so I went down to take some pictures. It wasn't easy because of the harsh light conditions.


Some of my work collegues play in the lowest football division in Sweden. I watched one of their games and took the opportunity to shoot some action photos. You can find the whole album on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeena/sets/72157685162041066/


Today I visited an old friend of mine, we haven't seen each other for years. It was super nice, thanks for having me! His wife cooked for us, a quite sophisticated asian dish I must say. There were basically 5 diffetent small dishes we got to choose from.


End of school for most of the children in Sweden today. Just before I took this picture the little guy said goodby to his teachers he had for 1/6th of his life. He will not have them next year as teachers which made him feel really sad. Good thing mom was there to comfort him. I guess you've done something right as a teacher if you get reactions like that when the summer holidays start.


Cyclist and coast trees. At the coast the wind is constantly blowing in one direction, from the sea onto the land. The trees are are being shaped by the wind to grow very weirdly but it makes them into beautifull sculptures for me to photograph.


Ok, one last epic photo from Rome, which is a delight to photograph by the way. On the last day, in the morning we went to visit the St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican. You can climb up 512 steps to get up all the way on top of the dome, so wi did that and look what you get as a revard, it was totally worth it!


This is the picture I wanted to take the whole vaccation. It took forever to prepare everything. One hour to get there, 40 minutes to wait in the line for the lift which goes all the way up on the roof of the Altare della Patria, and then waiting there for the sundown, again more than one hour, just before they close the roof at 19:15. I was the last person there still taking this picture while the security guard trying to convince me to go down with him.


There is one thing I should have learned on this trip: Don't assume you can do sight seeing during the evening. I had a special shot of the Colosseum in mind, from the top of the Altare della Patria during sundown. So I went there, in time for the sundown, and tried to get up the Altare della Patria, they have a special lift there so you can see Rome in 360°. But while climbing the stairs I got stopped by a security woman who told me that they're closing and I can come back tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. I tried to explain the thing with the light and the golden hour and things but the only thing she could offer me is comming back tomorrow and staying untill 7, which is just when the sundown starts. This one is a decent shot, but totally different than what I wanted in the first place.


The Greek Theatre in Siracusa, appearently they put wooden benches on top of it during the summer so they protect the old stone benches when they use it for different events.


6th best pizza in Neaples, where the pizza has been invented. We couldn't get in because 10 minutes after they opened it was so crouded already that they were full for the day basically. But we were able to take two with us, it was 4 EUR per pizza, no wonder they were sold out just after opening. It was quite different, like a margarita but the dough was phonomenal! Something between pizza dough and french creppes. Oh and we had red sparkling wine with it.


Today for the first time I had a photoshoot with a model, Amanda, to practice head shots and portraits. It trully is so much easier if you don't need to try to convince your subject to pose for more than one minute or at all, because they know what they're doing and it's their job too. We got a nice collection which you can check out here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeena/sets/72157678810902614/ I really need to start working on some kind of a portfolio with my best shots on my own website. And btw. If you would like to get photographed by me, shoot me a message or email, I'm still learning but I'm getting better every day!


There is a paper factory a couple of kilometers north of Varberg. Most of Varberg gets the heat from them, which they hava as a waste product from the production of paper.


I like landscape photography. It's cold, it's rainy, no good light, the sky is bland. Still I'm outside by the sea trying to capture some of the greatness available nevertheless.


Two days ago I recorded the 9th episode of my podcast, it's about flying helicopters and planes. Today one of my guests flew over my appartment and I took some photos, it was really difficult to get a sharp one. The episode will be released april the 1st.


Today me and my dad visited a brewery we know from TV. The brew master is a butcher by profession but a friend gave him a book about brewing and he started trying. Check out the documentary yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6kD9PICYAA


I totaly forgot that brothels are still legal in Germany (buying sex is illegal in Sweden). On the other side of the street, which you can't see in the picture, the women had an open window and were cat calling all the guys who were walking by.


Look at this, wouldn't you want to spend your vaccation in the wonderfull franconian municipality Burgpreppach, where my parents live? And yes, what you see are two churches, the sandstone one is the catholic one and the one above it is the protestant one.


This is one of the very few things which provoke me to switch from Firefox to Chrome. It looks like some virus or something which you get on Windows all the time. But I'm on Linux and don't expect something like this. According to the Internet this is legit Mozilla spam.


I'm a bit in a low with my photography right now, somehow it's harder to find inspiration and see the pictures in every day life. But yesterday I saw this empty playground in the dark.


Today me and two coworkers went ice skating, for Bassem it was the first time in his life, he is from Egypt. But Toni was a good teacher. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeena/albums/72157680324940716


I have another picture from yesterday night. You can see the Orion constellation in it and what I especially like, you can see the Orion Nebula quite sharp in there too!


Ursa Minor, also known as the Little Bear or Little Dipper in the sky. Astro photography is much more complicated than you'd think because the earth rotates the whole time making it impossible to do some proper long exposure. And I didn't see the Milky Way either today, but that might be just lack of knowledge where and when to look.


While in Brussels I also did some street photography. This one I like especially in color because of the contrast between the really smeary and dirty bus stop in the background and the clean madame in the foreground.


First day in Belgium, a bit of night photography. This is Liège, I had to climb those big stairs two times to get that shoot, and a reset made so I was just shooting JPEG the whole day. But it's super sharp, even if you look at it 1:1 (try clicking on it and see it big in your browser)


I'm always seeing those silly equations with pictograms and they try to trick you by having a pair of something in the first equations but then only one of them in the last line so you get sloppy and forget about that ang get it wrong. I don't like them, they're boring and just play with this one trick it seems. Therefor I created a real one in the same style, without tricks but instead it is a bit harder. It's still just integers, so everybody should be able to solve it, given enough time. If you have a hard time solving it here is a description how you normally would try to solve those equations: http://www.sosmath.com/soe/SE211105/SE211105.html (I'd really love someone to solve it graphically.)


In photography, I learned, there are those 40 minutes after sunset (and before sunrise), which are called "the blue hour". During that time "red light passes straight into space while blue light is scattered in the atmosphere and therefore reaches the earth's surface" (wikipedia). Many photographers love this time and I really understand why. Look at this photo, even a plain construction site looks amazing.


The #FlickrFriday challenge this week is "long exposure", I guess 204 seconds should be enough. I went down to the beach to take a nice photo of the "cold bath house" or Kallbadhuset here in Varberg.


Street Photography - Today I was in Gothenburg at the central train station to try to shoot some street photography style pictures. It was really difficult because it was dark and people moved fast. After I went throug it a guy stopped my and told me that I'm not allowed to go around there and to take pictures of people and asked me to show him a written permisson that I'm allowed to take pictures there. I explained to him that this is not true. And reading up about it now a little bit the only thing I can't do with my pictures is to use them as or within advertising. Anyway, I'm still really bad at it so I won't be releasing many of my street photos yet. This one was todays best.


Yesterday it started to snow and I went out to shoot some photos. Seing me with my big ass cammera a coworker approached me and asked me to take a photo of her because it was her first snow ever and I guess she wanted to send some home :) And obviously it's much more fun to shoot with models than just dead objects ;).


Today I was in Königsberg (in Franconia) to do some landscape photography. Personally I really like that so many things are going on in this picture. The sun on the left which is glowing and making everything in the picture golden, The small town at the bottom. The fields with crops and the solar system in the middle. The hills on the horizon. The big wind turbines and the small clouds just above them. The "chemtrails" and their airplanes all over the sky. And as a last thing on the right the half-timbered house with its red roof.


I'm really excited, I finally bought a new camera! I wanted to go full frame so I had to invest a lot more money, but I am hoping this will be worth it. I just got it yesterday and I feel that I have to relearn a lot of things. But the picture quality is fenomenal and once I get used to it I'll beable to become a even better photographer.


Today I'm making a traditional Silesian thing which is kind of like a sausage but not really, the first step, and appearantelly the secret, is to make as a good soup as possible. The main ingrediance is a pigs head.


Every other week at work we gathe for a "fika" which is a special Swedish word which means 'having coffe' but not necessarily literarly coffe but often something sweet like cake and something to drink like coffe, tee or the like and just socialice for a short time like half an hour or something. We do this in the platform team where I work at our custommers office with the people in the team. Se every other week someone else brings something and this week it was my turn. I wanted to bring something special and I knew exactly what, it's in the picture and it's called "Kołocz z makiem" which is like a cake with poppy seeds and very popular in Upper Silecia where I am from. Mostly it is served on weddings and other big celebrations. Sadly here in Sweden you only can get 25g packages of poppy seeds, while I needed 1kg of them, so I had to import them from Poland last time I was there. Just for reference, I used this recipe: http://domowacukierniaewy.blox.pl/2013/11/Kolocz-z-makiem.html


Today we went to the University to talk to interested students who might want to do their master thesis together with us or perhaps even work with us. It was very interesting to see what people are looking for.


I always liked jazz, but never had bought a jazz album because I always thought it was good for a couple of minutes but then it was too exhausting to listen to for a longer period of time. But what you can see on the picture is officially the first jazz album I own. Snarky Puppy's "Culcha Vulcha" which they released this year. This really resonates with me, it's jazz with many electronic instruments and it dances inbetween jazz, fusion jazz and pop but without a singer. I found them because I listen to the WTF Podcast with Marc Maron who most often interviews comics but sometimes also musical artists. A couple of weeks ago he had David Crosby on, and he spoke very highly about Snarky Puppy so I checked them out on YouTube, where nowadays I find all my new music btw. Check them out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_XJ_s5IsQc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnNqHTVFk8c


The clock I had in the kitchen is still good but the paper with the numbers started curling and stopping the clock. This is why I decided to make my own, and I have no idea what Warios brother is called.


Ok granted, it's not the biggest fish ever cought, but it is how I got it is the interesting story. After almost a week of hiking to the farest lakes in the mountains at one of the last days we geared up, new fishing lures were bought, we rented twe boats and went on a big lake. Half of the day nothing. After we made fire on a island and Martin cooked an amazing goulash it started to rain, everything was wet but we didn't give up. On the hours long way back we didn't rush back to tho car, we played it cool, and it was really cool, the rain was pouring and the could wind was mercilessly whiping our faces. Just about half an hour away from the car suddenly a "wohooo!!" from both bots, both of us who haven't had a fish yet got one at the exact same time! Coincidence? I don't know.


While I was watching the sunrise I saw a albino rendeer on the other side of the lake, it was still quite dark but through the lens of the camera I was able to see that it wasn't alone. I went to the other side but when they saw me they went away. So I decided to go after them and it took me two hours to get close enough (and back to camp), but it was worth it because I crossed way with many herds like the one in the picture.


The last two days on the fells (which are mountains rising above the alpine tree line), sleeping outside by one of the many lakes. It took us about four hours to get there. In this picture we're about 15 minutes away from our destination, the lake you can see in the background.


After 4 hours of teamwork of 22 people we managed to transform 20 kg of meat into beautifully crafted sausages. Now they're grilled and we're enjoying them with Czech and German beer and some sauerkraut.


My IndieWebCamp t-shirt with the new logo arrived! But next time we need to get the logo vector files and do it in the EU. Because not only the shipping was more than the t-shirt but I also had to pay about 20 € in customs.


This weekend I spend somewhere in south Sweden on a party where we went by a VW camper van built in 1977! I had the pleasure to drive it back home for two hours, it was awesome.


Yesterday I bought a new bicycle. I am more heavy than most people, so I had to get a more stable one. This one is an old Swedish brand called Skeppshult http://www.skeppshult.se/en with a steel frame and more stable spokes. I hope it will not break like the cheap bicycles which I bought before, where after one year I had to buy a new one. Now I saved some money before I bought this one because it was quite expensive, I payed 750 EUR.


The problem with imported Japanese Music is that it's difficult to remember the song names. In other news' my Maximum The Hormone CD arrived, it was really expensive, 35 EUR, but came with a comic book made by the guitar player, which I don't understand because it is in Japanese :p. But the music is so awesome it makes fully up for the high price :)


I've been drinking Yogi Tea since more than a decade ago, bit just a couple of days ago my sister told me that they have unique messages for you on every single tea bag. How could I have missed that for such a long time?


Our IndieWebCamp community has a new shiny logo designed by Shane Becker, and now you can get a t-shirt with it from https://teespring.com/indiewebcamp I just ordered two of them :D


Nice, after an intence day at the IndieWebCamp here in Nuernberg I'm at my hotel to get my jacket, which got delivered to my hotel with the rest of my luggage after it got lost in Berlin. Now I'm on my way to http://www.barfuesser-nuernberg.de/ to meet the rest for a couple of franconian beers.


This was what I saw in front of the house when I came back from work today. Actually it was much more beautiful, I'm not a good enough photographer to get what I can see on film yet. I'm working on it.


Today I finally got d.notive's album "Sentinel" from Minneapolis! And let me tell you, if you're into 80'ies synth music, you'll love that! My favorite song is "Second Chances", if I had to guess I'd have guessed it's Dave Gahan singing. Check it out on Bandcamp: http://store.d.notive.cc/


I'm becoming better and better in photographing as the years go. It was the right decision to buy that used Nikon D5000 back then. In this picture, my sister and her partner in front of the new house they just moved in.


Interesting, 3 different organizations waiting for refugees from Copenhagen. Red Cross, Islamic Relief, and the guy with the yellow doesn't have their name on the west. Update: now I also saw people from Gothenburg citty with blue vests trying to find refugees. Interestingly I've never seen them finding any refugees coming by train, and I'm at the train station twice a day.


This year me and a couple of friends having a beer Advent Calendar. We're 4 people and everyone got to chose 6 beers. Now we drink one of those 24 every day and rate it on untapped. You can follow us there: https://untappd.com/user/jeena https://untappd.com/user/Kungfarsan https://untappd.com/user/Rude81 https://untappd.com/user/Mr_jocke81


So after 20 years we meet again Millencolin. Back then we were young and you played near my German home town in Schweinfurt. Now in your home land Sweden in Trollhättan. Back then you spoke English to the crowd and I barely understood. Now I got all your stand-up comedy jokes in your mother tongue. We both are much older, and I could see you were tired. But thanks for a nice evening full of memories, keep on rocking!


This is terrible, this is obviously a bug in FIFA 16 because this player is obviously offside but the referee didn't react on this. How many maches have I lost at work because of this bug? EA, you guys should really need to fix this.


I got me a jar of Marmite from Amazon because I heard a lot about it but you can't buy it here in Sweden. But gosh!!! This tastes so bad! Salty and a bit fruity at the same time. I heard that you eat it on bread like on the picture. I guess I need to do some online research.


Finally my Dvorak TypeMatrix arrived! I'm typing really slow but after half an hour I don't have to look at the keyboard anymore, so I think learning it won't take very much time.


I thought I hade everything for the water part of my brewing automation but sadly the hole isn't 1/2" not even 3/8" but something weird in between. That means I can't build it this weekend again.


About two years ago when I got my Nikon D5000 I went out and took this photo on the left. Then a couple of weeks ago Melisa asked if she was allowed to paint a painting of that photo, which she found on flickr. All my pictures are creative commons licensed so that's not a problem. Today I got mail from her that she is ready with a link to her blog where she posted it http://www.toadinaboat.com/2015/09/02/i-love-to-paint-animals/ You can see the result on the right. That's pretty awesome work I'd say.


Wow, this is depressing, CEOs of big companies: Guys named John: 5%; Women (all names): 4% http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/03/upshot/fewer-women-run-big-companies-than-men-named-john.html


I have many good action pictures from the rodeo so I'll be posting them from time to time. Here one guy went under the bull with his head, good thing he had a helmet on, otherwise this could have ended differently.


It is super difficult to capture it in a picture, but I can attest that the nature in Oregon, USA is breathtaking! Here we were driving down the coast and stopped at a viewpoint. I had to stay and just watch the scenery for a couple of minutes, I couldn't get enough.


I have to say that I really love how they design and build their single-family houses here in the US. There is always an awesome veranda in the front where they often have a couch and drink beer with the neighbours. And there obviously is a backyard at the back where you can have your children play safely.


Americans seem to use the offered facilities a lot more often than you'd see back home. There are almost always people playing something outside. So at least here in Portland OR the prejustice about the fat coutch potato american seems to to hold up.


Interesting how different the pub culture is in Portland, we're sitting in a breweries own beer garden where they serve only their own brewed beer. They even sell a lot of weird sour beer. Still I counted and There 27 women here and only 17 man.


So this is interesting. Douglas Crockford, who is one of the most influential people in the JavaScript community, proposes a way to "upgrade" the web. He'd like to get rid of HTML/CSS/HTTP und build it instead on JSON/Crypto and to my suprise Qt (and I guess he actually means QML). Since I've started at Pelagicore I really have seen the light, it is like Douglas says it in his talk, HTML/CSS was invented to markup articles, it just doesn't do well in application development and we should not force it to do that, there are much better alternatives. https://angularu.com/VideoSession/2015sf/upgrading-the-web


Drinking at the brewery is really inexpensive, $4 for a beer with almost 10% and it was really good! With plums which you can taste in it. Sadly only on tap not in a bottle so I could take it with me.


Today after work I went to the Mississippi Marktetplace here in Portland to get some more vegan food from http://thenativebowl.com which sadly already closed at 4pm. But on the left of it there was a vegan smoked barbeque where I got this burger like thing which tasted really smoked.


Best food I've eaten in Portland yet! I just was at this vegan restaurant Aaron http://aaronparecki.com/ recommended. It had real and different flavors, not just grease as most of the things I had here in Portland before. I'm definitely impressed an will test the other vegan restaurants he has on his list https://foursquare.com/aaronpk/list/patio-dining


OMG I'm so excited! I just startend up my Amiga with the new cable and the original Workbench diskette and it simply started and works without problems. Last time I booted this maschine was 1995.


Yesterday was Buddhas birthday so we went to the Jogyesa Temple in Seoul to celebrate it. It was beautifully decorated with thousends of laterns, as seen in the background, but also they build those awesome big statues out of paper with light in them. There were at least 80 of them and they showed stations in Buddhas life.


In the middle of Seoul there is the small Bukchon Hanok Village where they still have the traditional houses with the funny roofs and everything. People still live there, even though it is a tourist attraction.


There are really many cafes in Seoul, and one particular thing stands out they have them (but also restaurants) often at the 1st floor of a building but it is often quite warm so they still want you to feel like you'd be outside. What they do is to build in really humangous windows which they can fully open like in this picture.


My parents got themselves a Photovoltaic system for their 60th birthday so they can generate their own electric power. In combination with the new Tesla home battery they could start living off the grid which is sooo cool! I'm really jealous and proud that they invest in our all future! Just awesme!


It took me a week to do it but finally I got Firefox OS on my Nexus 5 installed. I compiled it from the master branch and it is really buggy, but my own app FeedMonkey works like a charm on the newest version. I'm satisfied.


Last time we brewed was over half a year ago, I'm really looking forward to do it again. This time we'll go back to square one, a really plain IPA with no additional flavors.


We had a christmas table yesterday at work and secret santa, where you get assined randomely one person you buy a gift for (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Santa) for at most 100 SEK. And I won 1000 SEK for the best present, wohoo! I bought beef for 95 SEK and dried it for one week like I describe here https://jeena.net/air-dried-ham and it looked then something like https://jeena.net/photos/39


A new version of my OS X application "Speaker" is out which reads long texts to you. I added auto recognition of the language of the text https://github.com/jeena/Speaker