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Today me and two coworkers went ice skating, for Bassem it was the first time in his life, he is from Egypt. But Toni was a good teacher. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeena/albums/72157680324940716

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Jeremiah Basma Nomany عمرو أحمد Nedim Hadžić Gilles Fernandez Milla Heikkilä Johan Thelin Kürşat Kobya Khaled Omar Abdul-Rahman Mahmoud Ankit Bhargava Mohammed Faried Bassem Mohsen Taha Mohammad Ali El Shaia Johan Thelin Ahmed Imbaby Anna Carin Scheutz Lindgren Zeeshan Ali Hassan Osama Sarah Abdrabou ايمان طلعت محمد Pedro Diaz Torbjörn Karlsson

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