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Another cinema editing style, this one is from the skating session with Bassem in february this year. It would be interesting to hear what stories this picture tells you when you see it as a still frame from a movie. Check out the rest of the pictures not edited in this style here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeena/albums/72157680324940716

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Dude, I'm loving these. Is this basically a change in tint and white balance? Or is there more complex curve work involved?


Not much more complex, but fiddeling with tone curves for the different colors and color correction where I add more of one color to the highlights and a different to the shadows. With video they call it color grading.

Viktor Lindgren Götz Bürkle Mahmoud Elfar Oscar Andreasson Gilles Fernandez Bassem Mohsen Mikael Söderberg Karim Bakir Martin Åkesson Ahmed Mohamed Aly Oscar Andreasson Bassem Mohsen Viktor Lindgren Mahmoud Elfar Götz Bürkle Mikael Söderberg Martin Åkesson Karim Bakir Gilles Fernandez Ahmed Mohamed Aly

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