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Jeena's Excellent Encounters

This is my podcast in which I find interesting people, visit them and we talk about the thing they're passionate about.

This is a recurring show which will be published once a month. If you like it use your podcasting app to subscribe to the RSS feed, this way you won't miss any episode.

Jeena's Excellent Encounters

In Japan

My vacation in Japan with Luna.

(Special in German) Bienen - Albert

Albert ist seit 1974, als ihm ein Schwarm Bienen zugeflogen ist, Imker.

In Israel 3/3 - Nazareth & Dead Sea

Visiting Nazareth with it's rich Christian culture and the beautiful Dead Sea.

In Israel/Palestine 2/3 - Hebron

Visiting Hebron in Palestine

In Israel 1/3 - Jerusalem

My holiday in Israel, part one in Jerusalem

Montreal Sauce - Chris & Paul

Chris and Paul from the US/Canada invited me to their podcast and we spoke about Universities, Podcasts, the IndieWeb and marxist philosophers.

Jehovah's Witnesses - Althéa

Althea was born into a family of Jehovah's Witnesses, she tells her story about her childhood, teenage years and how she left

The IndieWeb - Martijn

We're two senior IndieWeb participants talking about owning your own content.

Living as a foreigner in Russia - Alberto

Born in Italy found his wife in Finnland and lives now in Russia

Around the World - Marcus

This time I'm interviewing my friend Marcus about his trip around the World.


I went to Brussles to attend FOSDEM and interview people

Around the World and Japan - Hyun & Masaya

During my travels in Japan I stayed at a Airbnb and interviewed my hosts about their journey around the world and life in Japan.

Labor Unions - Maria

I'm talking to Maria about labor unions, because she used to work part time in one for over 10 years.

Brexit and Europe - Götz

I'm talking with Götz who has been living in London for six years about Brexit, Europe and living abroad.

Film and Video making - Albin

In this episode I'm talking to Albin who is a indepondent movie and video creator.

Flying - Shahin & Zeeshan

We're talking about being a pilot and flying a plane or a helicopter.

Horses and ADHD - Pernilla Celine

This time we're talking about the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and how horses help Pernilla to cope with it.

FOSDEM 2017 - Jeremiah & Zeeshan

We are recaping FOSDEM which we attended last weekend

(Special in Polish) Childhood during WW2 - Herbert

Some special content and this time it's in Polish, I'm interviewing my granddad about his childhood during WW2.

Adoption - Emilie & Kim

This time we are talking about a kind of a heavy topic, adoption and how it affects the children and everyone around.

Roller derby - Karolina

Roller derby is a full contact sport which is played on roller skates, it's pretty awesome.

Clowns & Heathenry - Rainbow

Rainbow explains his hobby which is being a clown and juggling and his new found believe system, Asatro.

Retrogames - Christofer & Markus

Looking back at the good old times when we played TV games on arcades, C64 and Amigas

Free and Open Source Software - Jeremiah

How can it work to have software which has its source open and free for everyone to see and still make money with it?