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Yesterday I bought a new bicycle. I am more heavy than most people, so I had to get a more stable one. This one is an old Swedish brand called Skeppshult http://www.skeppshult.se/en with a steel frame and more stable spokes. I hope it will not break like the cheap bicycles which I bought before, where after one year I had to buy a new one. Now I saved some money before I bought this one because it was quite expensive, I payed 750 EUR.

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@jeena Enjoy! Most of the bikes actually get broken after a year anyway, until you buy the proper, quality one (usually more expensive).


@jeena Skeppshult makes great stuff. I've still got mine since 11 years back. Need to do something about one of the pedals though...


@e8johan that sounds really good, I hope mine will get that old too! (jeena.net/notes/680)

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