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If I'm being totally honest, this is why I came back to Japan a second time, fat blue fin tuna sushi. It tastes like heaven in your mouth and I wasn't able to find anything with remotelly this quality in Europe. Last time I couldn't eat any sushi in Sweden for half a year because I was that spoiled. Who knew raw fish meat could taste that delicious.

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Have you been to Tsukijis fish market? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsukiji_fish_market. There are several restaurants that likely will serve you tuna that was caught just earlier the same day. We went to one where you could order a plate with different parts of the tuna. Ridiculously good.


Bluefin tuna has been fished to the brink of extinction in the northern Atlantic according to some sources, so that's probably one reason you have problems finding it in sweden and Europe unfortunately.


Yeah and I feel a bit bad about it but it's no wonder because it tastes so extremly good so people will keep on eating it untill it's gone.


Jag vet tyvaerr inte vad allt heter, det sta pa japanska och jag pekar med fingret pa det som ser gott ut :p

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