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The #FlickrFriday challenge this week is "long exposure", I guess 204 seconds should be enough. I went down to the beach to take a nice photo of the "cold bath house" or Kallbadhuset here in Varberg.

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That's great! I was curious what ISO setting was used, but it's not in the EXIF summary, I had to click to show the full EXIF to see it.

Carmen Ortiz Martin WbgPython Bengtsson Götz Bürkle Crystal Yawn Oscar Petersson Viktor Lindgren Torbjörn Karlsson Christina Marsh Koen Jacobs M Lang Taha Mohammad Bassem Mohsen Gilles Fernandez Erik Botö Anna Carin Scheutz Lindgren Darek Wojciech Reini Ju Johan Ederönn jean paul chabbert pilargbuhigas Open your eyes Markus Bahlmann bmw801_dd RJT11 Richard Quinn Valerie Hackett kristoferhanssonaspman tahatrue ant0n.e daniel_vbg falkulteten christinaolsonscheutz frznlogic miss_edh quantum_of_kitteh ethenor Gilbert Kuhnert Ralf Kaiser Christian Philippe

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