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Manual lights at the table and then I tried focus stacking. It was more complicated than I imagined, had to restart from scratch a coupple of times untill I got the right order of steps.

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It's really easy to stack with PS... Found this too if you don't want to do it all manually. http://pulsar124.wikia.com/wiki/Open_Source_workflow_for_macro_focus_stacking


Normally, because I needed to be really close to the subject, the depth of field is realle shallow, only half a centimeter or something, which makes only half a centimeter of the cigarette being in focus. I needed to take different pictures and have the area in focus differently in each of them and then later merge the pictures manually in Gimp.


Marcus Typ Johansson I have a D600 but I don't think I have this feature to automatically change the focus.


Du har väl en Nikon, modellen mindre än den jag hade (eller har du bytt?). Isf kan du ställa in kameran att automatiskt ta t.ex 10 bilder där den flyttar fokus 5mm per gång sen stackar du dem i PS (kameran kan stacka själv direkt också men resultatet blir bättre i ps).


yes there's no way around it. the framing will change a little if you use a rail too. laws of physics! :) But changing focus on the lens is a hazzle if you're really close, cause it will move the camera a few hundreth of a mm sideways too.


Martin Åkesson I had a tripod but no rail, I had to adjust the focus on the camera which came with a bunch of problems, basically every time I changed the focus it also zoomed a little bit which made the stacking a bit more difficult.

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