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My name is Jeena. I'm a software engineer at Pelagicore and my email address is hello@jeena.net.

I live in Sweden, brew beer, dry meat, play metal and develop games and other software.

This website is divided in several parts:

There is the blog for longer essays, I post short notes which are kind of like tweets and I post photos, you can think of it like my private Instagram.

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"Poland tells EU to BRING IT: Warsaw vows to fight penalty for refusing to accept refugees" http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/817289/poland-fight-eu-penalty-european-commission-refusing-refugees-migrant-crisis

It's unbelievable. As long they were in deep shit and milions of polish people emigrated to other european countries to take peoples work, while the EU pumped in money into polish infrastructure, the EU was embraced. Now that we tell them to help to devide the burdon of other migrants comming into europe they refuse to help.

How can people be so short sighted and not make the connection? Either that or they're just selfish parasites who take as long as they can and walk away once you try to include them to be able to help more people.

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gRegorLove just posted a blog post where he lists the podcasts he listens to and would like to recommend. I think it's a great idea and a neat way of finding new and interesting podcasts. This is my list, devided into categories: Storytelling This American Life this is a really great one, ver...

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