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My name is Jeena. I'm a software engineer at Pelagicore and my email address is hello@jeena.net.

I live in Sweden, brew beer, dry meat, play metal and develop games and other software. I'm a hobby photographer and use Mastodon.

This website is divided in several parts:

There is the blog for longer essays, I post short notes which are kind of like tweets and I post photos, you can think of it like my private Instagram.

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Cremano Espresso Bar in Bundang, South Korea


Interesting, I was just scrolling through the LinkedIn feed and realized that people there post way more personal things than on Facebook.

I always defended Facebook because I was able to read peoples personal stories there who I haven't met for a long time. But around 7 years ago people stopped posting anything personal on Facebook and then stopped posting at all. I'm only logging in there once a Month.

I'm logging in on LinkedIn even more seldom but with this realization it might change.

Trash and recycling

in Bundang, South Korea

Posted by Jeena

Today I wanted to blog about a issue here in South Korea which I wish someone would tackle better than it is done right now. Nothing important but at the same time very easy to solve, but for some reason nobody is tackling it. As in Germany and Sweden where I lived before, there is a push for re...

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