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Photo of me

My name is Jeena. I'm a software engineer, my email address is hello@jeena.net.

I live in South Korea, brew beer, dry meat, play metal and develop games and other software. I'm a hobby photographer and use Mastodon and Lemmy.

This website is divided in several parts:

There is the blog for longer essays, I post short notes which are kind of like tweets and I post photos, you can think of it like my private Instagram.

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What's new?

Our neighbor grew peppermint in some pots but the plants are happily growing to everywhere so they grew from his side to our side. Today I brought my scissors and cut off a bunch of them and made peppermint tea marrocean style. So first brew a bit of green tea which we got from some work colleagues of my partner from China. Then throw away the first tea brewed because it has some flavors we don't like. After that put it as much peppermint as fitts in and put a rediciolous amount of sugar on top. Put boiling water on it and brew for some time. Both hot and cold it's like drinking peppermint candy, delicious!

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Our son surprises us with what he is capable of time and time again. He is almost 1 and a half years old and he has one of those toys where you press a button and it plays a story. It's in Korean and I like the "빨간 모자" (Little Red Riding Hood) story so I set it up to play this one when he plays with it.

Anyway, we were sitting on the bed and he had a towel over his head and I mentioned he looks like Little Red Riding Hood, and then his mom started telling the beginning of the story. He went down from the bed and left the room, we assumed that it was too boring with us.

But shortly after he came back with the previously mentioned toy and told us to turn it on so he could listen to the story.

When they're so small you always wonder what they understand and what not. Here he not only understood the story, but remembered that this specific toy is telling the same story and he remembered where he put it and brought it and made himself clear he want's us to turn on this story. Does that count as partially abstract thinking?

Lemmy and my Switch to PieFed

Threadyverse software alternatives

Posted by Jeena

Last year, during the Reddit 2023 API controversy I finally deleted my account and moved on to Lemmy. Here’s a look at my experiences and why I eventually decided to switch to PieFed. Starting with Lemmy Lemmy was great as a Reddit alternative, especially because it's part of the Fediverse li...

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