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2018 04 30 03 03 18

I photographed my brothers band during a concert in Berlin last week, they play experimental electronic music with accustic instruments. I also recorded video which will be available soon. Untill then check them out on https://soundcloud.com/pulsarcollective and the rest of the pictures at https://flic.kr/s/aHsmiCbgF1

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Pascal Schock Samy Plume Steven Szpielmann Seif Sallam Marcel Bérard Servando Barreiro Daniel Mattsson Gabrielle Dussy Anna Carin Scheutz Lindgren Barnaby Walters Julian Meybohm why__axis dj_ozawa_japan annaxjames owlpaperlamps e.pics_nico_todt saradeconcilis flowerlotus09 dehkolife az_musicman rosant Zahra Zaman Tino Hähnel Ivan Martinez Pupo Maggie Timothy Guillaume Prugniel Marta Ge Ev Ha

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