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A friend from work agreed to be my model while I test my new speedlights. We got a coupple or really great shots, I'm super happy with the results. But I also learned not to trust the picture on the back of my camera but instead to use the histogram. Many of those photos were quite underexposed and I had to bring them back in post production. But thanks to the high dynamic range and because I'm shooting RAW this was still possible. I posted the Images as a album on Flickr, check them out: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeena/albums/72157687747804640

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Thanks, first time with speed lights, it's fun to shape tje light how I want it to be.


Hehe, it would be cool with a small amateur studio at home but I don't have the space requred. But right now my stuff is still quite mobile so that I can move it with me :)

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