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Ursa Minor, also known as the Little Bear or Little Dipper in the sky. Astro photography is much more complicated than you'd think because the earth rotates the whole time making it impossible to do some proper long exposure. And I didn't see the Milky Way either today, but that might be just lack of knowledge where and when to look.

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On the other hand the rotation of the Earth helps to create beautiful photos if you direct your camera to Polaris with a very long exposition. You should try it sometime ;)


Nja. Du har fotat Perseus. Andromeda till höger, Pleiadrerna nere vänster och Capella är stjärnan överst. Vintergatan går tvärs.


vad gjorde jag fel sa att man inte ser den som t.ex haer? voices.nationalgeographic.com/files/2013/01/…

Taha Mohammad Anatoly Kozlov Open your eyes

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