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Today we ate Yaniniku again, it's always such a treat. I recorded a 10 minutes video of it because Emilie requested it ;) #foodporn https://youtu.be/nZqvNuHc1Zk

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Just to comment something said in the video; there was actually a restaurant in Gothenburg were you could grill food at the table. Think it was called "Sakura" but not sure and this was a long time ago.


I was complimented on my chopstick use in Korea, which has the hardest to use chopsticks. So I'm fairly confident that I'm doing it right 😋


Yeah, wasn't meant as a criticism. Someone mentioned being disappointed about the chopsticks in the video and mentioned like "fancier" ones which sounded like Korean chopsticks to me. So just a interesting vid about the differences if you didn't know. :)


At Yammy (on 1a LĂ„nggatan) you can have sukiyaki or yakiniku. There might be a minimum amount of people and you need to preorder, if I remember correctly. http://www.yammykitchen.se/

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