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This year in Korea while we visited Gangnam.

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I disagree. I think it's more like people who have something interesting to say, can probably also use their time better than running a website... ;)


Its not very difficult to run your own wordpress.com site hosted by them (under your domain). On Medium you’re never stick out, no manner how good the content is you providing them for free.


That's an interesting point of view. So one managed publication platform is good 👍🏻, because you have a domain for it and can change the background image and font colours 👻, and the other managed publication platform is bad 👎🏻 because it does not let people change the layout to something that is terribly hard to read 🤖 (I guess you remember all those MySpace pages as well...😱). I think, you do not need to stand out with your design, but with your content ✍🏻. The platform is secondary. If you link to an interesting article 👯, I click on it no matter where it is hosted. And if I want to read it 👀, it ends up in Readability (many other people use other, similar services, I would think). Then your platform, your domain, your design, makes no difference - to me, the text will look the same anyway 📄. I usually do not really look it like this 🤔, but in some way, I am continuously blogging for many years 📝. I just don't have a blog. I use established review platforms for my posts ☕️🍴🍷, because I think this way, my content will be more useful for more people 🍾 than if I would run my own blog that nobody would read 😿 - like I did years ago. So I think, it is smart 🤓 to use platforms with a potentially larger reach due to network effects 👥. And that is what Medium does - it creates a network of readers around content, that might also help you discover new content 📑, and bring you new readers 🎁.

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