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Preparing for a Amiga play afternoon reboot.

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Ah oha, coolt, men i helgen är det då lite sent, ska ju till Portland på måndag, men då fixar vi det när jag kommer tillbaka :)


Jag får leta i helgen. Jag har en gotek och en drive i alla fall, så teoretiskt ska jag kunna skapa diskar från images.


Johan Thelin do you have a working Workbench 1.3 at home which you could copy for me? It seems that I can’t write any Disks which the Amiga will be able to read/boot from with a PC connected Disk Drive like I bought today. But instead if I have a null modem cable and a working Workbench 1.3 I will be able to send data over this cable to the amiga and write it to a disk with help of the amiga hard drive.

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