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Ok granted, it's not the biggest fish ever cought, but it is how I got it is the interesting story. After almost a week of hiking to the farest lakes in the mountains at one of the last days we geared up, new fishing lures were bought, we rented twe boats and went on a big lake. Half of the day nothing. After we made fire on a island and Martin cooked an amazing goulash it started to rain, everything was wet but we didn't give up. On the hours long way back we didn't rush back to tho car, we played it cool, and it was really cool, the rain was pouring and the could wind was mercilessly whiping our faces. Just about half an hour away from the car suddenly a "wohooo!!" from both bots, both of us who haven't had a fish yet got one at the exact same time! Coincidence? I don't know.

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