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Flying - Shahin & Zeeshan

Posted by Jeena

We're talking about being a pilot and flying a plane or a helicopter.

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In this podcast:

My prepared notes

These are the notes I have made during preperation, we often don't follow them exactly but they help to follow the conversation.

*** Intro
**** Intro about topic
**** Who is Shahin
**** How did they get in into it?
*** Licenses
**** Differences
***** Between Helicopter and Plane
***** Between countries
**** Maintenance
**** Starting and Landing
**** Flight Clubs
**** Costs
***** License
***** Flying
**** Planing the flight
**** Nightflight
**** Autopilot
**** How to get into it?

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It was very intresting to listen to. It totally made me think this is not for me though. To expensive for a hardworking family man. But hey, that is great to know!

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I just released #9 of my podcast "Jeenas Excellent Encounters" this time I was talking to Shahin Ghazinouri and Zeeshan Ali about getting...

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