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Horses and ADHD - Pernilla Celine

Posted by Jeena

This time we're talking about the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and how horses help Pernilla to cope with it.

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In this podcast:

My prepared notes

These are the notes I have made during preperation, we often don't follow them exactly but they help to follow the conversation.

** Schema
*** Intro
**** Where are you from? Where do you live?
**** What's your occupation?
**** How have you been introduced to horses?
**** What do you do with horses?
*** ADHD
**** What is it? Symptoms
**** When have you been diagnosed?
**** How was it before your diagnese?
**** What changed afterwards?
**** Medicatien?
**** ADHD as a fashion disorder for kids
***** 19% in the US vs 0.5% in France
*** Horses
**** How do they help with your ADHD?
**** Brief history of your horses
**** What do you do with your horses?
***** How time consuming is it?
**** Are horses a girls/woman thing?
**** What do you do with them when you're on vaccation?
**** How and when to get into it?
*** Thank you for your time!
*** http://misscelinem.spotlife.se/

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