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Brexit and Europe - Götz

Posted by Jeena

I'm talking with Götz who has been living in London for six years about Brexit, Europe and living abroad.

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In this podcast:

My prepared notes

These are the notes I have made during preperation, we often don't follow them exactly but they help to follow the conversation.

* Intro
** Where are you from?
** How long did you live in London
* Brexit
** How do people react?
** How is the political landscape in the UK?
* Erasmus
** What is it?
** What is the purpose?
** Why did you end up in Stockholm?
* Living abroad
** Citicenship
** Opportunities
** Broadening your horizon

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Just listened to @jeena and @goetzb talking about Brexit, Europe, living in multiple countries and Citizenship: jeena.net/pods/11

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