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Retrogames - Christofer & Markus

Posted by Jeena

Looking back at the good old times when we played TV games on arcades, C64 and Amigas

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In this podcast:

My prepared notes

These are the notes I have made during preperation, we often don't follow them exactly but they help to follow the conversation.

*** Intro
**** Where are you from?
**** What do you work with?
**** What was your first game?
**** What is your favourite game?
*** Retrogames
**** History
***** First game demo
***** First video game
***** What types of games are there?
****** PC
****** Console
****** Arcade
****** Emulation
******* Legal issues
****** Ports
***** Why are Swedes obsessed with video games?
***** What about other countries?
****** Super Potato Retro Game Shop
**** What kinds of games are there?
***** 2D
***** Driving
***** Shooting
***** ...
**** Repairing a big part of it?
***** Easy to understand?
***** Where to get parts?
***** Are there specialists?
*** Room we're sitting in
**** How many games?
**** Most fun game, why?
**** How does trading work?
***** Most expensive
***** Most proud
*** Retrospelsmaessan
**** What is it?
**** Whos idea?
**** How often and when?
**** How many work together?
**** How many visitors?
*** How to start?
**** Where to get info?
**** What to buy?
***** RetroPie
***** C64
*** Did we forget something?

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