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Roller derby - Karolina

Posted by Jeena

Roller derby is a full contact sport which is played on roller skates, it's pretty awesome.

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In this podcast:

My prepared notes

These are the notes I have made during preperation, we often don't follow them exactly but they help to follow the conversation.

*** Intro
**** Please introduce yourself
**** What is your team called?
*** Background
**** Where are you from?
**** Why Sweden?
**** What did you study when we met at Monaden?
**** What do you do for living?
*** Roller Derby
**** What is it?
**** Basics
***** Equipment
****** Roller scates
****** Helmets
****** Elbow Pads
****** Wrist Guards
****** Knee Pads
***** Track
****** Flat track
****** Banked track
***** Pack
****** Blockers
****** (lead) Jammers
******* score points
******* can call it off?
****** Which one are you? Why?
***** How to play?
****** Blocking
****** How do you make points legally?
****** What if you fall off the track?
****** What is ilegal?
******* Penalties
****** How long are the halfs?
******* What are jams?
******* Timeouts?
****** Offence/defence?
**** History
***** When did it start, 1920?
***** Who is playing? 
****** Wha tkind of women? 
****** Ages?
****** All sices and shapes
***** Why is it a woman only sport, or isn't it?
***** How big is it? Sweden/World
***** How did you get into it?
***** What do you like about it?
**** Style/Subculture
***** Hard
****** Full contact
****** Broken bones?
****** Violence
***** Colorfull face paint
***** Cool names, what is yours?
***** PunkRock fashion
***** A bit like wrestling (but for real?)
***** Is feminism a part of it?
**** Training
***** How often do you train?
***** How do you train?
***** Are there tactics?
**** How/where to start?
**** Did we forget something important?

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