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Around the World - Marcus

Posted by Jeena

This time I'm interviewing my friend Marcus about his trip around the World.

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In this podcast:

My prepared notes

These are the notes I have made during preperation, we often don't follow them exactly but they help to follow the conversation.

* Schema
** First journey
** 10 month in Asia and South America
** Second journey
** 7 month in south America
** Testing Ayahuasca
** Green traveling

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Oh yeah, the south america trip was in 08-09, not 07, and there are some mixup up between SA and SEA and some of these stories might have been altered in my memory, If so I'm sorry. :P Also, La Paz was full of those drunk backpack gangs... :-D Probably missed someone. Miss you all! <3 Daniel Andrés Urzua Daniel Simons MerMeg StarWolf Isabel Bussenius Rachel Lauren Joseph Patrick Conroy Ana Violeta Julia Gallifa Margot Del Coco Alen Las Cameron Barr Osgur Colm Ó Ciardha Nelson Orellana Corli Hansson Salomé Jazmín Fuentes Melissa Crump Jess Ica Olga Kreglicka Moe Hamada Asia Chudy Peter Widman Kimberley Fadden Caroline Salisbury Kuhlmey Mac Kevin Javier Beltranena Guerra Renee van Hasselt Esteban Alvarez Campos Tom Kinoshita Diego N. Fau Esteban Aguilera Flores Sandra Brönnimann Laura Hurren Elise Claire Andrea Mena Barrientos Ilona Tonnaer Lena Ka Karin Edlund Kirsty Glover Kate Mckenna Olaf Garvey Pigmy Basinwood Ai Leen Fu Coahuila

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