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Around the World and Japan - Hyun & Masaya

Posted by Jeena

During my travels in Japan I stayed at a Airbnb and interviewed my hosts about their journey around the world and life in Japan.

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In this podcast:

My prepared notes

These are the notes I have made during preperation, we often don't follow them exactly but they help to follow the conversation.

** Schema
*** Take a picture
*** Introduction
**** Short about Jeenas Japan journey
**** Masaya
***** Where are you from?
***** What are you working with?
***** Your favourite country to visit and why?
**** Hyun
***** Where are you from?
***** How did you meat?
***** What are you working with?
***** Your favourite country to visit and why?
*** World tour
**** Have you been traveling before?
***** If so how much?
**** How many countries did you visit
**** How long was your journey?
**** Why did you decide to do it?
**** Where did you stay mostly?
***** Hotel, Hostel, Airbnb, private?
**** Most memorable happenings?
**** Was it dangerous?
**** Are you in contact with the people you met?
**** How much money did you spend?
***** Did you work during the time remotelly or so?
**** Which means of transportation did you use?
**** Have you met other couples traveling or mostly single people?
**** How was it to be back at home?
***** Did you miss work?
***** Was it weird to start working every day again?
**** Do you miss being on the road?
*** Being a Airbnb host
**** Why did you start hosting people in your home?
**** When did you start hosting?
**** How many guests did you host yet?
**** How often do you host guests?
**** Aren't you afraid of getting bad guests?
***** I've read about flats being destroyed by partying guests, etc.
***** You're inviting strangers who could steal, etc.
***** Do you have a special insurance?
**** Do you know other Airbnb hests?
*** Living in Japan
**** Day to day life
***** Do you own the house you live in?
****** Is renting or owning more usual?
***** Do you drink tap water or botteled?
***** Where do you do grocary shopping, I've only seen 7-11 types of shops
**** Politics / Philosophy
***** Is vegetarianism and veganism a thing in Japan?
***** Is feminism a thing in Japan?
***** Are the Japanese racist?
****** Japan was very isolated island for a long time, is it still?
****** I heard stories where people couldn't get a job once they moved to Japan
****** Sometimes they don't let you in into eestaurants / establishements with shady excuses
***** How many are religious?
****** Shinto vs. Buddhism
****** To which degree, how does it affect their lifes?
***** Is the monarchy beloved, hated or ignored in Japan?
****** Do they only have a representative role like the Swedish royal family? Or do they have power?
*** Thank you for your time

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