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In Israel/Palestine 2/3 - Hebron

Posted by Jeena

Visiting Hebron in Palestine

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My prepared notes

These are the notes I have made during preperation, we often don't follow them exactly but they help to follow the conversation.

* Bus drive to Hebron from Jerusalem
* My AirBnB on the roof top in the old city (Zleikha Muhtaseb)
* Threatened by boys with knife
* Military running
* Overview over old city
* History lesson by salesman
* Driving to outside of the city with my host
* Visiting a Muslim family (Atta Jaber)
* History lesson about the map Israel vs. Palestine
* History lesson about settlers in Hebron
* Demolition of houses
* Bulldozing of farm land
* Video walk through Hebron https://tube.jeena.net/w/3FhHLhdfxHpEJGdGPTA3uA

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