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The IndieWeb - Martijn

Posted by Jeena

We're two senior IndieWeb participants talking about owning your own content.

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In this podcast:

My prepared notes

These are the notes I have made during preperation, we often don't follow them exactly but they help to follow the conversation.

*** Intro
**** We're you from?
**** What's your technical background?
*** The IndieWeb
**** Definition
**** How to get a domain
**** How to host your own website
**** What are webmentions?
**** What are microformats?
**** Using Wordpress
**** Using Known
**** Writing your own software
***** People write reusable blocks
**** Generations
**** General Data Protection Regulation
***** Backfeeding
***** What to copy from a moral standpoint?
***** Deleting content

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Yes! No, I'm joking, 'Jeenas Excellent Encounters' bu Twitter wouldn't let me write such a long tweet.


If you're looking for a really good introduction to the #IndieWeb and insights into how it all works, you could do a lot worse than listen to Jeena's podcast with Martijn. They do a tip-top job of explaining for people less knowledgeable than they are, and the audio quality is very acceptable.

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Listening to one of the best explanations of the Indieweb that I’ve heard, certainly for non-techies like myself!


Enjoyed this #indieweb conversation between Jeena ( https://jeena.net/ ) and Martijn van der Ven ( https://vanderven.se/martijn/ )....


A really good discussion between Jeena (jeena.net) and Martijn (vanderven.se/martijn/) about what IndieWeb is and some of its building...


@channyun Hi, I'm in Seoul for a 3 months business trip and wanted to reach out to you because I saw that you're the author of the Korean...

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