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I went to Israel https://jeena.net/pods/20 and Palestine a couple of years ago, when I first arrived in Jerusalem and heard the air raid sirens I was so afraid and asked my AirBnb host where the shelters are where we should go because rockets are coming. He told me to relax and that I don't have to be afraid that normally no rockets make it to Jerusalem ...

I also went to Hebron and talked to a lot of people there for my podcast https://jeena.net/pods/21, and they tell about their horrible situation anyone who would listen - but sadly nobody cares. I came to the conclusion:

> There’s no outcome where they win.

The only way for peace in that region is when Israel finally does their genocide and annihilates all Palestinians. Not because they deserve any of it, but only because they are so much stronger and there is just nothing the Palestinians can do. Nobody from the outside cares and they know it. It is getting even more obvious now that more Arab countries are moving on and try to normalize ties with Israel.

So many of them have been living in a concentration camp for several generations, it's just beyond sad.

But I have also to say that in the north, especially in Nazareth https://jeena.net/pods/22, for some reason both Palestinians and Jews live in quite OK peace together, they wear the same clothes, they eat the same food, you wouldn't even be able to point out who is who there.

I realize many people will be mad about my comment, that's OK, it's a very confusing conflict there which has been going on for probably thousands of years already.

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