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There is one thing which is really great with the whole covid-19 disaster, it totally breaks habit in a fundamental way. It took me about two weeks but something happened where I don't commute to work and suddenly don't come by the train station after work where I always bought junk food because I was so hungry after work.

Now that I'm working from home and the restaurants are kind of closed it's super easy to do two things:

  1. cooking everything from scratch on my own
  2. not eating after 6pm

Which then led to other things like it being easy to put all the ingredients into a calculating app and restricting the calories to basically half.

And this has been going on for two weeks now, I do the normal 3 times a week gym as before. There is so much less stress going on also, the whole world has slowed down so I'm now easily able to catch up with a lot of things. I'm almost panicking a bit when I think about the quarantine ending.

So yeah, a lot of selfish reasons but that's how it is when you're as privileged as I am, white male in a rich country working in IT from home.

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That was exactly a month ago, how do you feel today? I myself had that craze too for at least two weeks but then it was just too much and I had too little power to do anything anyway so it was only bringing me down until I stopped. Now I check the news perhaps once a day. Obviously the quarantine in Sweden isn't as extreme as in other places but most people stay at home and to the social distancing in hopes that it won't be necessary for the government to do what all our neighbor countries do. But to be honest, the disaster was only positive for me. Because of all my privilliges I was able to finally introduce changes which I wanted to do but never had the environment to do. I mention it in more detail in a comment to someone else: https://jeena.net/comments/1140

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