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Year of the Linux Desktop

it is personal

Posted by Jeena

Perhaps you have heard the phrase "The year of the Linux Desktop" and perhaps you have been shaking your head and thinking "well, this will never happen". But when you think about it, it will never mean that there will be a year where most of the people will switch to Linux on their desktop computers. Not even Apple had their "year" because it always has to be a shift over many years, that is just the nature of things.

So what could the phrase mean instead? Maybe it is just the year in which you yourself switch to Linux on your Desktop.

2014 seems to be that year for me. 90% of the time I use a computer I am using Linux. At work obviously (where I use Debian), because we are a Open Source company which develops Linux software, so it is a natural fit. But also at home, I bought a used 2010 ThinkPad and had Ubuntu on it for about half a year before I switched to Arch. I also own a iMac with OS X which explains the last 10%.

For me this is the perfect combination. And yes, I am not a graphics designer and I don't have to edit Video. And another yes, I had to learn a lot to start to be comfortable with Linux, but after this steep learning curve I'm really happy with the state of my system.

I would like to encourage my readers to try Linux, it will not necessary be for you at all, then you go just back to Windows or OS X, no hard feelings.

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