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Waking up to the sound of mystery

I hated the sound of my alarm clock

Posted by Jeena

Today, as almost every day actually, this agonizing iPhone alarm sound woke me up and I was so stressed just because of it.

Then after putting it of I thought:

Why did I chose this amazingly stupid way to wake up every single day?

Actually I think because of it I often wake up 5 minutes before it goes of just to not wake up to it so I'm not moody right in the morning.

Then I thought:

Why not wake up to a sound which is mystic and fun and sounds like exploring something new?

And then it struck me, the best sound, or rather it is a short song, was Klaus Doldinger's Fantasia from The Neverending Story.

So I bought the song, uploaded it to my phone and chose it as my wake up sound in the morning.

This in contrast to the alarm sound will hopefully make me wake up in a very good moode so I can jump right in and do some cool stuff right in the morning!

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