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The Amaz!ng Meeting

in London

Posted by Jeena

Tonight I am heading to London for The Amaz!ng Meeting.

TAM London 2010 is a world-class fundraising conference which this year is being held on 16 – 17 October 2010 at the Hilton London Metropole hotel. Join amazing speakers and over 1000 like-minded delegates for a fundraising celebration of science, critical thinking and entertainment in the heart of the city.

TAM London

That are some of my absolute heros, especially James Randi, he's really old but still one of the sharpest minds around.

I'm really lucky to have a cousin who lives in London and I can spend the night at her place. For me as a student the ticket price was really a shit load of money, £208.00 + the flight from and to Gothenburg in Sweden.

I'll update Twitter during the weekend, and you can see the updates here:

  1. Tomorrow I'll attend The Amaz!ng Meeting in London with Richard Dawkins, James Randi, Graham Linehan and many more #tamlondon
  2. @PatJer hinner inte, är på vägen till The Amaz!ng Meeting i London http://tamlondon.org #tamlondon
  3. I'm on my way to the city airport in Göteborg, then London and tomorrow #tamlondon I likes!!! http://yfrog.com/0yyamwtj
  4. Ok now I gave alcohol in my blood but I still will try to get on the plane :-D #tamlondon
  5. Ok, I am allowed to get onboard (plane) but without my toothpaste. #tamlondon
  6. Am I the only one flying from Gothenburg tonight to the Amaz!ng Meeting tomorrow? #tamlondon
  7. I'm on the plane! #tamlondon http://yfrog.com/3wrqxlj http://yfrog.com/n9eychj
  8. @vincekenny I'd love to because I don't know anyone at #tamlondon, it's my first time with other "professional" sceptics ;)
  9. I really have to get up now; only a few minutes to #tamlondon'
  10. Amazingly many hot women here at #tamlondon
  11. RT @Data_Jack: Sue Blackmore was funny & smart, Dawkins was facinating, Doctorow was too, but differently, and Rutherford was witty & scathing. #TAMLondon
  12. I like that Dawkins mentioned naturalism, because you never read about it in his books #tamlondon
  13. Te food was nice, but no vegetarian and nothing without carbs, yeh I know I'm being picky #tamlondon
  14. RT @medtek: Rude jerks took my bag out of my seat and claimed it. Now sat in back where I can't read lips. Assholes. #tamlondon
  15. You are here #tamlondon http://yfrog.com/e6adgj
  16. RT @Redjotter: learning about the @beagleproject #tamlondon
  17. Homeopathy and breastcancer #tamlondon http://yfrog.com/bfutrxj
  18. What does he mean by skeptical blogging? I think I need some links #tamlondon
  19. RT @homeopathyinfo: RT @lecanardnoir: Announcing the launch of the Nightingale Collaboration at #TAMLondon http://post.ly/14q3W <-- more harrassment of CAM
  20. RT @antallan: #TAMLondon JR talking about Uri Gellar on the Johnny Carson show (I think you can find this on YouTube)
  21. RT @colm_ryan: Wow, Rhys Morgan just won an outstanding achievement award for his exposure of a deadly Chromes Disease cure. He's 15. Electric. #tamlondon
  22. RT @PenguinGalaxy: #TAMLondon has opened my eyes to two amazing artists, the Amateur Transplants. You are hilarious geniuses. Want ALL your songs. :-D
  23. RT @GenesysX: RT @simonaway: Day 1 #TAMLondon. Loads of highlights plus a few moments thinking "some of these atheists act like religious fundamentalists"
  24. Talk about an infinite number of universes #tamlondon
  25. On my way to #tamlondon again http://yfrog.com/j8ntwyj
  26. RT @thatnerdwoman: Says @DJGrothe: All profits from #tamlondon and future #jref events here will in fact stay in the UK! Take that #tamlondon critics/whiners!!
  27. Scepticism is just ordinary common sense. #tamlondon
  28. RT @thatnerdwoman: I love me some bonkers physics factoids on an early sunday morning. No really, i actually mean that! #tamlondon
  29. RT @jacco: Wifi is quite unflawless #tamlondon
  30. Now Melinda Gebbie on stage. #tamlondon http://yfrog.com/htx45aj
  31. RT @iszi_lawrence: Porn! Yeah! That's more like it #tamlondon
  32. RT @alecmuffett: I rather like Melinda Gebbie... a quite magnificent lady #tamlondon
  33. RT @BENWARSOP: Seems Skeptics will discuss religion till the last trump but resist critical thinking about porn #TAMlondon. No irrational doublethink here
  34. RT @erik_arnesen: Now: Stephen Fry interwieved by Tim Minchin! #TAMLondon
  35. "Tell god to send better people" (to convert me) Stepen Fry @ #tamlondon
  36. Stephen Fry talks about Logic and I have to write a test in logic in four days at the university #tamlondon http://yfrog.com/59ofbxj
  37. #tamlondon now some lunch
  38. RT @edjeff: the skeptical movement is a front for satanists. doubters doubt yourselves not our lord. #TAMLondon
  39. I just accidentally flirted with Helen, Graham Linehans wife, she's really lovely #tamlondon
  40. PZ Mayers says "Do be a Richard" #tamlondon http://yfrog.com/j2vkzqj
  41. If we only work evidence based, like skeptics want it to do, would this not lead to technocracy? Which I consider a bad thing #tamlondon
  42. "Common sense - so rare it's a god damn superpower" #tamlondon
  43. RT @antallan: #tamlondon PZM: Scientists don’t have the (whole) truth, but a /path/ to the truth
  44. PZ Mayers wears a crocoduck tie #tamlondon
  45. Now Alan Moore, he's funny #tamlondon
  46. RT @garwboy: The Alan Moore theory of Universal origin makes so much sense, all of a sudden. #TAMLondon
  47. RT @GlasgowSkeptics: "back when we lived in the trees". Thought that his dad was referring to his family, not species. #TAMLondon
  48. RT @DrEvanHarris: At #tamlondon @jonronson & @Glinner agree "'Facebook is where u lie to yr friends, Twitter is where you're honest to strangers"
  49. RT @Zyaama: "You, with your rational worldview, and me with whatever I happen to believe this afternoon." #tamlondon
  50. RT @shopsinc: Alan Moore is making physics jokes about when he was a baby and fucking killing. Fantastic. #tamlondon
  51. RT @angusr: He's being very funny, but there's a lot in this about the nature of belief and situated knowledges. This is SUPERB. #TAMLondon
  52. @ZOMGitsCriss how do you know it? Prove it! I'm at #tamlondon
  53. RT @garwboy: The man responsible for some of the greatest writing of the 20th century is reading us bleak poem. Don't know why. Don't care. #TAMLondon
  54. Interview wit Alan Moore now #tamlondon
  55. #tamlondon is coming to an end :-(
  56. #tamlondon is now officially over, thankt it was Amaz!ng!!!
  57. RT @KerryMG: RT @kosso: Alan Moore I've never seen the Watchmen movie cos I prefer to critique something from a position of absolute ignorance #tamlondon
  58. RT @garwboy: Alan Moore waved goodbye like the Queen. Mad brilliant bastard... #TAMLondon

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