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No Spotify for me

because of Facebook

Posted by Jeena

Damn it, you fools! I just had to cancel my Spotify subscription where I was a paying customer for the past four years.

You ask why? Because they force you (update: as a new customer) to log in via Facebook and I am not willing to pay my good money to a company which treats their paying customers like that. Fucking retards!

So where will I get my music from now? Good question, I was thinking about SoundCloud and Jamendo but I still have my old SL-1200MK2 and I really should invest this money in new vinyl, It's without DRM, it's cool and has a great sound. Ok, no playlists then for me but fuck it, back to the bloody roots!

Obviously it is not the first time I cancel my account because a company has gone completely Jesus skating Christ bananas. PayPal, Google plus and I hope some day soon I will be able to do that with Facebook too, until now with a dedicated and sandboxed browser they are just on the tipping point of driving me nuts, the problem is that so many of my friends still are there :-/

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