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Something new

for example a blog

Posted by Jeena

I am blogging in german since 2004 on http://paradies.jeena.net/weblog/ about webdesign, programming, private stuff and so on. But I feel that it is time to start something new and in english because there are far more readers who understand english than german, and since I live in Sweden it will be more interesting for the people I know here to read in a language they understand.

I already started to blog in english on my old blog but I think mixing english and german in one blog is odd so I will not post anything in english there anymore, I will concentrate on things which concern only germans on the old blog and all the other stuff here.

I know the old design is much prettier then this and it is because it was my brother who did all the cool graphics stuff, and it is a pitty, but I am not a good graphic designer so you have to stand out with this design. But I'm shure you get used to it too.

This new site doesn't use Jlog anymore it uses a simple rails app like the one you can see on the Creating a weblog in 15 minutes with Rails 2 video. But I will use it to test cool new rails stuff because it is much easier to extend then Jlog was. At least if you already worked with rails for a while.

I will try cool new CSS3 and HTML5 stuff here too, perhaps some funny JavaScript and so on, we'll see.

For now it looks like the content will be rails and iPhone development because this is what I am working with on a day to day basis. Sometimes I work on small OS X programs like Twittia and I will blogg about politics, mostly european politics but who knows what the future brings.

And btw. you're welcome to correct my bad english because that's the only way I will learn to write correctly ;)

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