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How to use a semicolon

a poster by The Oatmeal

Posted by Jeena

In my opinion the The Oatmeal is the new and far superior XKCD.

XKCD vs The Oatmeal

I really enjoy the excessive drawings and trully funny descriptions of real life happenings like the fabulous comic: What it's like to own an Apple product

Happy apple product user

The first time I discovered how great The Oatmeal is was when someone over there on Twitter, I think it was @ttepasse mentioned the comic: Wow to use a semicolon

How to use a semicolon

You too really should read it! It is impressively accurate and amazingly illustrated. In fact, the illustrations are what you will remember for a long time and with them also "How to use a semicolon".

I have gone one step further and bought the poster he offers. I got this poster today by (old school) mail and now it hangs in my bathroom. The idea behind this is that people who visit me can learn a thing or two while taking a dump.

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