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Endless questions

about the soul

Posted by Jeena

Sometimes I feel like six ears old keeping endlessly asking "why". A current example; I was thinking ...

People often have a quite a graphic idea how it is in hell or in heaven and are convinced that a persons soul, whatever that may be, will end up either in hell or heaven. But what about the so called soul before a person has been born or conceived? Where did it come from?

So I turned to google to check out some of the explanations other people tried to give, one of them was this:

The material body is only for the earth life because the soul cannot sustain itself here.

This is only the first sentence and I already have a question:

And this goes on and on and on ... Every new statement just yields a ton of unanswerable questions.

I didn't even get near a answer to my original question "Where do souls come from?" but already spent a couple of hours reading one claim after another.

I obviously understand that such theological questions can not be answered to my satisfaction because at the end people will be forced to say "God did it" and I will ask: "... and where does God come from?" But I sincerely hoped to at least read about some interesting and perhaps new (at least to me) approaches to tacle this obviously interesting theological problem.

Perhaps I just need to search and read for a couple more hours.

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