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Photo backup solution

self hosted

Posted by Jeena

I'm using Synology DiskStation DS220+ as my backup solution which I host at my parents house and it is cool and works well. I use open source tools for backing up things via ssh to it so that I theoretically could take the hard drive connect it to a computer and get all my files back, even if they decide to discontinue their software.

Synology DiskStation DS220+

There is only one thing which I'm using their software for, the photo backup, because they:

Synology Photo Albums

I've been investing quite some time to manually train it for our faces. I even wrote software which hooks in into the sqlite database to show random pictures of specific people on our TV at home.

But I'm always afraid that they will just discontinue the software and all my work will be for nothing. Sadly I haven't seen any free software alternative which would tag photos and create automatic person albums or albums which are time and geographically connected.

I'd love to find a good solution especially for automatic categorization and sharing which would be free software, so if you have any tips, I'm all ear.

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You could run a different piece of software on a docker container on your Synology. I'm not too familiar with the photo viewing apps, but there are a few on the link above. Most of my stuff is hosted on one main server and the rest fetch it through smb shares on the network.


Digikam can do all the things Synology Photos can do, but it's a desktop application. If I can find a server version of that, I'll let you know.

Fernando Montoya

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