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I was always thinking that if we would somehow be able to remove inheritance, then the world would become a much more equal place because it would matter less in which family you were born.

There is an interesting study about inheritance: "STARTED FROM THE TOP - The richest families in Florence in 1427 are still the richest families in Florence" https://qz.com/694340/the-richest-families-in-florence-in-1427-are-still-the-richest-families-in-florence/

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I mostly agree, though I believe that passing down the house to your kids should be allowed (unless the state can effectively provide good housing to everybody). Kids born into rich families already have a huge advantage, inheriting is not needed!


Thing is, once we start having exceptions then it will be difficult to manage ^^ But yeah, I get w... more at jeena.net/notes/999


I first read this without clicking on the link and I was like "Gosh, I guess dependency injections are the way to go but isn't the comment about the world becoming a better place a bit too much?" 😅


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