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Facebook is turning off the API which allows me to automatically cross post from my website to Facebook in august. I don't think I will start cross posting to Facebook manually like I sometimes do with Instagram because it's just too much work, especially since so many people are leaving Facebook now.

So if you want to follow what I'm doing you should subscribe to my website via RSS to this link: http://jeena.net/all.atom

You need a RSS reader like https://feedly.com or https://ttrss.info/ to do that, but then you'll be able to subscribe to most of the blogs, newspapers and other websites without being tracked or marketed to.

I've been posting on my website (with a RSS feed) since 2004 ( http://paradies.jeena.net/weblog/2004/apr/fahrradspass ) , so you don't need to worry that I will move on to another medium again and again.

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By the way, I like the way you aggregate comments into your site! But now that you are promoting RSS, it would be good to have a way to comment from within your site as


From what I read you will not be able to post to facebook either. See publish_actions on developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2018…


Yeah, I had comments back then but they got spammes so much. But you're right I should think of a sollution.

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