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I'd like to be able to consume content from https://micro.blog and comment on peoples posts and get back their comments but without actually the need to use their software. It's kind of close because they use webmentions and I've seen some links to RSS feeds, but the UI if you're not logged in is quite awful.

For example, I found https://micro.blog/jthingelstad by randomly typing https://manton.micro.blog/ which turned out to be the test blog of the creator of Micro.blog all the way down in the footer I found a link to https://micro.blog/manton which for some reason has compleatly different content than the subdomain. There I saw him mentioning https://micro.blog/jthingelstad so I rewrote the URL to https://jthingelstad.micro.blog and was looking for a link to their RSS. The footer didn't have one but the HTML head has one which luckily my browser shows. https://micro.blog/jthingelstad didn't have a link to that RSS feed nor to the subdomain where I can find the link to the RSS feed.

I think they would get much more traction if they did some homework on not putting up those walls around their garden like everyone else does. I'll follow this one guy now and we'll see if I can get into this community with just my own software and without signing up for a username there.

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If you have an account, then your main timeline is available as a JSON Feed, like https://micro.blog/feeds/{username}.jsonYou can add that feed to a reader, and you can comment on the posts from there. Micro.blog URLs also accept webmentions, and your comments will appear back on the original posts. I've been doing this for a while now!

Have you written a response? Let me know the URL:

There's also indie comments (webmentions) support.