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Fstoppers is a really big community of photographers and the folks behind it often do original videos and articles for the website. Sometimes they offer to critique pictures from the community, so last time I send in in my opinion best picture from last year. I was interested what people who aren't my friends and family would say.

It turns out they gave me 2 out of 5 stars, which means as a photographer I shouldn't put it on my website portfolio because it needs more work. It's not really what I hoped for, but it's a really good check of my abilities. So this means I need to work harder and put more energy into my photography hobby!

Check out the video: https://youtu.be/MNiqFvJhmBA?t=24m59s they talk about my photo around minute 25.

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It's quite many things, the motor, then the boats wenen't old enough, and the light was wrong, instead on the boats the sun was shining on the right hills in the background. All things which are difficult to 'fix' when there ^^ But I get it, it's a picture a lot of people could have taken.


They can go f themselves. The photo is a clear 3/5. Amazing shit man. The boats and the hill and all. Its a classic doom and gloom chtuhulu is coming kind of photo. Or humanity just died. Stills from a dying planet. I like it alot.


Don't get discouraged. I've seen much better pictures by you than that one. :) This is a nice one but doesn't draw you in... and as you say, you couldn't do much better with that lighting.

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