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I'm at my parents for Christmas, wohoo! Merry X-Mas to all of you!

A anecdote: I tried to use the Internet from here but for some reason only websites which are accessible via IPv6 work. It's really interesting how few websites are accessible via IPv6. The super big ones like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, and those who are runs by freaks like me and https://wwwtech.de are. But as soon as it gets a bit smaller like Twitter, GitHub, Flickr and so on, don't work anymore, you just get "Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at github.com."

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Jeena Pa I' surprised 😱, but you are right - two searches brought up two figures. Twitter is estimated to have around 330 million monthly active users, while Instagram has around 800 million monthly active users.


Interesting that that suprised you, I know basically no one who uses Twitter without crossposting to a bunch of other sites. But there is always talk about pictures I and people I know post on Instagram in my real life.


Yes. I'm still stuck at a time when, at least in my perception, every Instagram user was on Twitter, but not every Twitter user had an Instagram handle.

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