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So somehow I was able to fuck up all my 3 computers which I have at home.

The one from work where I had debian on tells me it can't boot into Arch.

On my new one I tried to install Windows for gaming which first fucked up everything but I was able to fix that. Windows and Arch booted fine, windows can't find wifi and ethernet, I run an update on arch now the login screen doesn't come up and it can't find any network adapters. But on the arch live CD everything works great.

On my old laptop suddenly no wifi password works anymore even though they are correct. But at least ethernet works so I can try to find sollutions.

This will take a lot of time to fix.

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I think we should create a new term for this type of problems: to jeena: to fuck up your computers with weird and esoteric problems. you jeenad your hardware!


After a evening trying to fix my computers here is the status in between: A normal Arch update on my old laptop made it recognice wifi passwords again so that one is working fine now. On my new laptop I found out that by installing windows I had to create a special partition for EFI into which I copied my kernel. After a Arch update which gave me a new kernel but saved it into the old /boot partition nothing worked. I copied the kernel manually into the EFI partition and everything works again. Now I am mounting the EFI partition as my /boot so next time the updater can hopefully update the files in the right place. I hadn't have the time to check why windows doesn't see WiFI and ethernet, and I hadn't have the time to check what's wrong with my work laptop yet, but I have my big desktop at work and this is just a backup if I need to work somewhere else or want to workk from home, which rarelly happens.

Arturo Vergara

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