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I'm on my way to Germany to visit my parents over easter. Normally it takes about 11 hours by train from Varberg to Würzburg, where my father often gets me and we drive the last hour by car.

Sadly today it will take double the time, abour 24 hours, first the problem with the Swedish-Danish border, where it takes about half an hour extra time. But then something happened in Copenhagen so I had to wait for 3 hours just to realize that the train only would get me a bit on my way in Denmark. After that I'm sitting on the bus for hours, like right now.

I should have arrived in Würzburg at about 21:00 but today I'm arriving in Hamburg at 21:45 which is too late for any reasonable train to go to bavaria. Now I have to take the train to Köln and then in the middle of the night the next one from there to Würzburg. This way I will arrive there at 7 am the next day.

I am trying to use airplanes less, but they're not making it especially easy for me.

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