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A lot of people seem to post their own stuff on https://medium.com but when I follow an interesting link description and suddenly I see that it is posted on medium I suddenly loose interest in reading it. It feels that if a person doesn't even have their own website with their own history of posts I would be able to dive in then they probably don't have enough interesting things to say anyway.

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I've gone back and forth on the idea of using http://medium.com because I feel like it is just another network like tumblr or Facebook. For exposure, to promote my work or the podcast perhaps it's a good idea? However to add to Jeena's point, a centralized service like that is going to attract and promote like-minded opinions. A personal site is going to be more nuanced and possibly share many ideas.


I disagree. I think it's more like people who have something interesting to say, can probably also use their time better than running a website... ;)


Its not very difficult to run your own wordpress.com site hosted by them (under your domain). On Medium you’re never stick out, no manner how good the content is you providing them for free.

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