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Watching "Mad Max" in 4D whatever this is supposed to be. Will be interesting to read this afterwards http://m.hitfix.com/harpy/7-ways-mad-max-fury-road-sublimely-subverts-movie-sexism/single-page

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Almost! You get the wind, the air preasurre if bullets fly by your head right and left, you get kicked in the back by the chair while it is moving quite a lot, there is smoke going up infront of you and they spray water at you when appropriate, so yeah it was pretty cool :D


I liked the story a lot, even if I would liked more of it and less action, but 4D is cool with water and wind in your face and your chair moving and bumping in your back, etc. that was the right movie to watch in 4D :D

Joakim Jönsson Magnus Göransson

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