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OMG the official NASA Twitter account writes:

"We're sending humans to Mars! Watch our #JourneytoMars briefing live today at 12pm ET: http://www.nasa.gov/nasatv #Orion"


update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBoj-1m-qLU

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"not doing" it is not really the case. They would have done it allready if the US government had given NASA a bigger budget. Instead of spendng billions of Dollar in useless wars. It's not unrealistic tht we allready could have astronauts on mars if NASA's projects and spaceflight / sience in general would've ben taken more seriously.


Yeah it would make sense to establish a sort of manned base on mars at some point in the future. So we can explore space beyond mars easier. It takes half a year to travell to mars when its closest to earth. Then you will have to wait untill mars is close to earth again befor travelling back. Which also takes 6 month of course. Thats a long time to transport people back and forth.


yeah of course, but what I've read everywhere is that the plan is to send people that can't expect to ever come back, as permanent colonists. they would most likely die from radiation from random solar flares


Yeah they would, but in the press conference I linked to, they say that they need to transport much more payload (100 times what they can now) because they need rockets to be able to start from mars to get back.


They do have plans for a mining probe before any kind of human spaceflight to mars. In fact NASA and ESA have plans for 3 or 4 rovers in the next 5 years. I took a screenshot of the timeline from the briefing. I believe it's the 2016 or 2018 rover mission that's supposed to do geological research. :)

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