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Yesterday I realized that I only subscribe to podcasts made by white middleaged dudes, which I would like to change. I am mostly interested in tech, science and pop culture. Send me your podcast picks made by anyone else!

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I’ve been listening to a couple of sceptic podcasts for about two years and they very often had (white) women on too, until I seemed to have heard it all it seemed, they started to repeat the content is a way. I’ll check out Tankesmedjan, thanks!


Skeptikerpodden is mostly a white male thing, but there are women in it, too: http://skeptikerpodden.se/om/. I thought that there was a skepchick podcast as well, but I can't seem to find anything about it. As for more mainstream podcasts, I would recommend the satire show Tankesmedjan from SR P3. Not only is it lots of fun, they also have a good representation of people.

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