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After 2 weeks at a postpartum care center (most of Koreans use that) we finally are at home with our little one and had to do everything ourselves for the first time.

First bath was the hardest thing, because we didn't quite remember how they taught us and we were too many people trying to do it at the same time.

Nights are surprisingly OK yet. He wakes up 12:30, 3:00 and 5:30 for diaper changing and food. I'm taking one of those times and give him formula to drink so my partner can sleep and she takes the other two.

The first night the biggest problem was that I couldn't fall asleep quick enough after he felt asleep, so I was still awake and he was already hungry again. But later with a bit of training it is getting easier to fall asleep quicker.

Now the government helps to pay a helper for the next two weeks, who can help take care of the baby during the day while I'm working so his mom can sleep or relax a bit.

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