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I've neglected my rails application which runs my own website for many many years, mostly because it's a lot of work to keep upgrading rails especially when it comes to major version changes. Dependencies break and disapear, API's break, you need to rewrite a lot of code because new concepts and data structures gets introduced, etc. Anyway now I need to upgrade from rails 4.2 which was released 8 years ago to 7.0 which was released last year.

I still like to have written my own website because this way I can have exactly the functionality which I want, not someone else. But it's a lot of work.

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@Jeena I still run my website as a GatsbyJS site w/o webmentions ☹️ I just wrote a response here https://holgerfrohloff.de/maintaining-custom-software and tried to let you know the URL through your form beneath your post. But the JSON response was "There is no link at the target"


@holgerfrohloff thanks for reaching out about it here, I'll have a look tomorrow, it's probably a bug in my code

Have you written a response? Let me know the URL:

There's also indie comments (webmentions) support.