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Someone on reddid wrote:

> My day today was literally just going to my shitty job. Pretty sure I have to do it again tomorrow.

When I was 19 I was in the same position and I complained to my dad in the car to and back from work about it (we worked at the same place and he made sure I could get a job there which was payed well). One day he got fed up with my complaining, looked into my eyes and asked: "I get it. You're 19 now, so what are you doing about it?". I just sat there in the car and had no answer.

I was really so immature that the thought to change my life if I didn't like it didn't cross my mind. Once I started thinking I realized that in my position at 19, without a wife and children, living at my parents house without anyone depending on me, I could just go back to school for two years and then go to university and learn something so I could get a job that I actually enjoy instead to complain to my dad every day until he retires.

Anyway, that was my turning point, it took me about 10 years with a failed marriage, moving countries etc. but I got my Computer Science degree and started working with open source software and embedded systems for the automobile industry. Last year on one of my countless business trips I met someone in South Korea and moved here.

It wasn't a easy journey and it took me many many years, but taking a small step towards where you want to be every day will accumulate to a lot of action over the years. And the journey alone was already worth it, not to speak about the goal.

🦉 Erik Botö Beate Tobias Olausson

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