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I've been successfully running https://tube.jeena.net from a NUC in my kitchen now for half a year. It has its downsides, for example when I'm not home and something happens to the NUC so it can't be remotely rebooted then I need to wait until I'm home or sent someone to do a hard reboot, which happened now 2 times.

But overall I'm very happy about how well it works to host from home. The NUC only uses about 5W and it's not super powerful but I don't have so many users on my websites. I'm actually thinking about moving other things from the Hetzner server to that NUC like Nextcloud, TT-RSS, Mastodon and perhaps even this website some day. That would be the ultimate thing, hosting everything on my own hardware.

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You can set it up with auto boot after power is provided and then use a remote controlled outlet. Depending on where you run homeassistant, you could control it though there or use another service for this particular outlet.

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